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Fact Sheet: (CLARIN in) EOSC Future 

EOSC Future in a Nutshell

Full project name (with link to project page and )


30 months, from April 2021 to September 2023.

Project coordinator (main applicant)
Technopolis Group Belgium (TGB, project leader) and Athena Research Centre (ARC, project coordinator).

36 beneficiaries, linked third parties (LTPs) and subcontractors, representing pan-European, international and local actors.

Summary of main topic and goals
The vision of EOSC Future is to demonstrate at the end of the project an operational EOSC Platform (‘System of Systems’) with an integrated execution environment consisting of data, professionally provided services, and open research products and infrastructure that will be accessed and used by the European researchers who will be engaged, facilitated, trained and supported to utilize the EOSC Resources and solutions. EOSC Future vision is centered around three key tenets: a) the realisation of EOSC-Core and EOSC-Exchange with interoperable data and resources; b) the integration of data and resources from the science cluster communities into the EOSC Platform; c) the direct involvement of users in the co-design and implementation of the EOSC Portal.

CLARIN in the Project

CLARIN's role in the project
CLARIN participates in 4 out of 10 WPs and is mainly involved in the taksk EOSC alignment (T2.2), the EOSC interoperability framework task forces (T3.3), the integration of EOSC-Core services into European research practice (T6.2), the science projects (T6.3), the engagement with strategy, coordination & support to the implementation (T10.1) and the support to EOSC (T10.2).

Main CLARIN-specific results
In WP6, CLARIN collabroates with TEXTUA-UAntwerpen (Belgium) on a contribution to T6.3 science project META-COVID, one of the ten cross-domain collaborations in task T6.3. (For a full overview of the ten science projects:  For CLARIN the focus in this task is on COVID-19 Metadata Findability and Interoperability.  

Person months for CLARIN
23,25 person months of a total of 3575,5.

CLARIN's coordinator for this project
Dieter Van Uytvanck/ Franciska de Jong

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