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CLARIN, the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure. Developed for the use by the humanities and the social sciences, specifically for researchers and projects working on issues related to language, we provide a way of collaborating with other researchers in the same field, establish contacts and share data. Data here means for example:

  • large (electronic) collections of texts with additional information (linguists call those corpora), used by scholars to investigate the grammar of languages, meanings of words, evolution of languages, content patterns, names, etc.
  • lexical resources (from historic encyclopedia to modern wordnets, used for software, for translation, and others)
  • grammars
  • experiments on language, such as understanding and learning of language
  • specialized software for analyzing language.

Many of these resources are very time consuming in creation and contain so much information relevant for research that a single researcher or a small group cannot sufficiently extract all major information. Sharing and collaborating is the key to additional and faster progress. Within CLARIN we are dedicated to supporting European research in the field of language related humanities and social sciences by

  • providing a sustainable infrastructure of archives (repositories) where researchers can deposit their material, a kind of digital library of research data
  • distribute descriptions of the resources for searching - and finding - of the description and a way of contacting those who can provide access to the resource
  • developing and running additional software to search in these resources online and analyse them using web based services.

CLARIN, a distributed European research environment for the humanities and social sciences. Supporting European Research.

Note for the media

The CLARIN community is represented by the CLARIN ERIC. If you have any questions feel free to direct them to The CLARIN ERIC executive office will get in touch with you and provide you with additional information or contacts. A leaflet is also available for download.