The Digital Humanities Course Registry

Since the turn of the millennium, the digital humanities (DH) have gained more and more momentum, and digital methods, specialised software, new research standards and methodological approaches emerged. Hence, the need for new skill sets and alternative pedagogies arose, which led to an increased offer of digital humanities courses, training events, programmes and degrees with different focus areas. In collaboration with our partner, DARIAH-EU, we have set up the Digital Humanities Course Registry to provide up-to-date information of the DH teaching and training opportunities worldwide and help students find suitable programmes for their needs.

How to view the courses

Go to the DH Course Registry to view and search the existing courses and programmes. No registration is required. Students, lecturers and researchers can search the database on the basis of disciplines, topographical information, ECTS credits or the academic degrees that are awarded. In addition, courses can be searched for using TaDiRAH, a Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities (including labels for techniques and objects) and sub-disciplines from the social sciences and the humanities.
Watch this video tutorial to learn how to browse or filter the courses in the registry.


How to contribute

Lecturers and programme administrators who would like to add their DH-related activities to the registry need to create an account first by filling in the User Registration form. The following types of courses can be included in the registry: on-site and online courses, modules, one-off workshops, whole programmes (BA, MA, PhD), summer schools and workshops for professional development. Each course entered in the registry is first reviewed and approved by the national moderator. 

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