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Development Information


All software that is developed by CLARIN   is Open Source and released under the GPL v3 license. Please note that while in the past most software projects were hosted at our own SVN repository, new projects are managed via GitHub.


For CLARIN core software, see the CLARIN GitHub Repository.

For a list of other CLARIN-related software that is hosted at GitHub see CLARIN Software on GitHub.

Development Guidelines

If you intend to contribute code or to start a CLARIN software project, please make sure to read the Guidelines for Software Development (requires trac access). More related information can be found at the EURISE network website.

Get in Touch

Mailing Lists

If you are developing software in the context of CLARIN you probably want to join the low-traffic dev mailing list, where you can discuss technical issues. To stay up-to-date about recent developments in CLARIN centres in general (including server maintenance, planning, etc.) please subscribe to the all-centers mailing list.


We have a Slack Workspace that we use for interaction on technical subjects. If you want to join it, please request an invitation by email via slack /at/


(currently being phased out)

CLARIN ERIC runs a Trac project management and bug/issue tracking system with wiki (

If you would like to access this service, you can register via Please choose trac/svn (developers)  in the 'Which language resource or service are you interested in' dropdown menu, so that the administrators can give you the necessary rights.