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CMDI Best Practices Guide

The CMDI Best Practices Guide is currently work in progress.

You can already find an online draft version of the guide. You are welcome to send your feedback to, or use the build-in commenting function (requires a GitBook account or login via e.g. Google) to add your remarks or suggestions.

The guide is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence (CC-BY-SA 4.0).

For an introduction to the guide, see our CLARIN Annual Conference 2017 presentation (video and slides).

Also a draft implementation of Schematron rules for the more technical best practices are available for trial. These can be run with version 1.1 (or higher) of SchemAnon, but also via general XML tools like oXygen.

Example: check all the CMD records (which use the file extension .cmdi) in my-cmdi-directory

java -jar SchemAnon.jar \
  ./my-cmdi-directory cmdi

Example: check the profile with id

wget -O profile.xml
java -jar SchemAnon.jar \ \