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CLARIN2020: Additional Programme Elements


On this page you can find the additional programme elements planned around the scientific programme of the CLARIN Annual Conference 2020. These elements are meant to allow the participants the space to exchange expertise and ideas, to foster deeper embedding of Research Infrastructures in basic and applied research as well as university teaching, and to inspire further development of the CLARIN Research Infrastructure based on user needs.


The CLARIN Bazaar is an informal space at CLARIN2020 where conference participants can meet people from other centres and countries, find out about their work in progress, exchange ideas, and talk to people about future collaborations. The Bazaar will provide an informal setting for conversations with CLARIN people, and space to show your work to colleagues and virtually share relevant material.

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CLARIN Student Session

At the CLARIN Student Session PhD students can present their work in progress . The aim of the session is to enable students to share the next generation of research supported by or contributing to the CLARIN infrastructure and receive feedback on their work from CLARIN experts.

Students are invited to submit a 500-word abstract with description of their PhD project that will be used as a basis for the decision on acceptance for the session.  Submitted abstracts should clearly articulate how the PhD work make use of the CLARIN infrastructure or how the results will contribute to CLARIN. Accepted abstract will be published on the conference website.After the conference, authors of an accepted abstract may submit a full paper to be reviewed for the post-conference proceedings. 

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CLARIN Consultation Session

The CLARIN Consultation Session, which is open to all conference participants, is an informal opportunity, especially intended for early career researchers and cross-disciplinary researchers to discuss their work with CLARIN experts one-on-one or in small groups.. Before the conference, participants who wish to take part in the consultation session are invited to submit a short application which summarizes their work and highlights question(s) they would like to discuss with a CLARIN expert. 

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CLARIN in the Classroom

CLARIN in the Classroom is a new initiative open to university lecturers who have used CLARIN resources, tools or services in their courses. They are invited to present their experience and suggest future steps that can help facilitate and accelerate the further integration of CLARIN into university curricula. Before the conference, lecturers are invited to submit a 500-word abstract (to be published on the conference website) summarizing their experience in using a CLARIN resource, tool or service in their teaching. In principle we aim to accept all abstracts that describe a clear case of the use of CLARIN in academic classrooms. During the conference lecturers can present their work. After the conference, lecturers may submit a full paper to be reviewed for the post-conference proceedings.

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