CLARIN-PL Helpdesk

The CLARIN-PL helpdesk team: Jan Wieczorek and Krzysztof Hwaszcz.

CLARIN-PL has set up an active helpdesk in order to support researchers in the humanities and social sciences. In order to effectively promote the knowledge and skills needed for the active engagement with our language processing resources and tools, we have set an objective to become a hub for the exchange of useful information on DHSS (digital humanities & social sciences) in Poland. Our helpdesk is responsive to changes and improvements of the infrastructure, and is constantly adapting to the needs of the scientific community.

Our helpdesk is characterised by the following aspects:
  • Fast responsiveness: we respond to all questions and requests within 48 hours
  • Questions and notifications can be sent directly to one of two delegated employees or via a ticket system
  • The task of the helpdesk staff is to provide information on CLARIN-PL resources and services, such as documentation, method and conditions of use, legal framework, or training materials
  • Reports on defects are forwarded to the technical staff responsible for maintaining and operating the infrastructure
  • For complex issues, where additional expertise is required, consultations or even a series of consultations are arranged, somewhat resembling mini-workshops
  • Submissions from users sometimes inspire workshops held at the user's unit or at CLARIN-PL (WUST) headquarter. Further organisation of the collaboration is handled by PolLinguaTech, the CLARIN Knowledge Center
  • PolLinguaTech also handles user requests for new training materials or assistance in the process of editing applications for research funds
  • Contacts established through email requests or the ticket system are archived to obtain data for statistical and reporting purposes.

The support provided by CLARIN-PL is comprehensive and offers assistance at every stage of scientific research – from planning to the analysis and interpretation of the collected language data. For questions or support, email