CLARIN Newsflash August 2023

Spain Joins CLARIN As Member

We are pleased to welcome Spain as a full member of CLARIN from 1 September 2023 onwards.

The current CLARIAH-ES consortium is made up of 10 leading centres, with the participants of the consortium  having worked with CLARIN and DARIAH for many years (see Spanish CLARIN K-centre, IMPACT CLARIN-K and DARIAH Cooperating Partner). The joint integration of Spain into both CLARIN and DARIAH research infrastructures will increase the visibility of the infrastructures and improve operability. 

CLARIN Annual Conference (CLARIN2023)

16 - 18 October 2023, Leuven, Belgium (hybrid event)

Registration for the CLARIN Annual Conference 2023 Still Open

The 2023 CLARIN Annual Conference will take place as a hybrid event, which means that two different types of registration are available: virtual and in-person.

Virtual attendance is open to the general audience. Registration link here.

In-person attendance is by invitation only. Authors of accepted papers will receive the registration link with the notification of acceptance, delegates will receive the link from their national coordinators, and keynote speakers and special guests will receive personalised messages.

The preliminary programme of CLARIN2023 is available here. 

Two B-centres and two C-centres Receive CoreTrustSeal 

Two CLARIN B-centres (Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig and the ILC4CLARIN Centre at the Institute for Computational Linguistics in Pisa) as well as two C-centres (Language Archive Cologne and Open Resources and TOols for LANGuage  in France) have been granted the CoreTrustSeal. 

For the B-centres in Leipzig and Pisa this means they now carry the B-centre status for another three years. Congratulations!



New Training Materials At CLARIN2023


Learning Programming in Python for Linguistics and Language Studies (Koenraad De Smedt)

This virtual course offers basic knowledge and skills in programming. There are many Python courses, but this one mostly focuses on text processing and data analysis related to linguistics, language studies, digital humanities and cognitive science.

Teaching Syntax with CLARIN Corpora (Antonio Balvet)

What if learning syntax could become a gamifiable, highly engaging activity, instead of a boring topic? Antonio Balvet introduces a new platform that seamlessly transforms CONLL structured syntactic annotations into Moodle-compatible quizzes.

These and other materials will be presented during the Teachers’ Workshop at CLARIN2023 on Tuesday, 17 October. Sign up now for virtual attendance!


After three years, the UPSKILLS Erasmus+ funded project has successfully drawn to an end. On the project website, you can view the latest deliverables, including Guidelines and Best Practices and new Learning Content. The learning content can be browsed on the Moodle platform and will soon be available for download via the CLARIN.SI repository.

On the CLARIN YouTube channel, you can also explore the latest UPSKILLS videos, including an UPSKILLS Project overview, narrated by Professors Silvia Bernardini (University of Bologna) and Stavros Assimakopoulos (University of Malta), and interviews with the trainers and students at the Petnica Summer School, which took place in July 2023. We would like to thank all the teachers and students who participated in the UPSKILLS events and tested the materials produced in the project.


Maciej Ogrodniczuk On the Impact of ParlaMint for Society and Science

In his presentation at the CLARIN General Assembly meeting in April this year, Maciej Ogrodniczuk presented CLARIN’s flagship project ParlaMint. The project focuses on the creation of comparable and uniformly annotated corpora of parliamentary debates in Europe, with Ogrodniczuk highlighting recent showcases and real-life applications, as well as the wider societal impact of the multilingual project.


Call for Papers: 74th Student Conference on Linguistics (StuTS)

26 - 29 October, Vienna, Austria

StuTS presents a unique opportunity for academic exchange and the networking of students from the field of linguistics and related disciplines. In addition to the student presentations, the Student Conference on Linguistics also features workshops and keynote lectures by established academics. The conference is aimed at scholars from the  the field of linguistics and its neighbouring disciplines, including but not limited to various philologies, literature studies, philosophy, statistics and computer science.

Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2023


Opportunities at CoARA

CoARA, the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment aims to set  a shared direction for changes in assessment practices for researchers and research-performing organisations, with the overarching goal of recognising diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research. The coalition is currently looking for a Project Officer as well as an Administrator to become a part of the CoARA Boost project.

Deadline for applications: 4 September 2023