CLARIN link checker

The CLARIN link checker is a service that checks the availability of resources and services at locations referenced in metadata records harvested by CLARIN. It does this by making HTTP requests in the same way that any web client would, and it stores information obtained by making these requests (response content, time etc.) in a database. This database is used to generate the link checker reports that can be accessed as part of the CLARIN Curation Module. Furthermore, the information is used to present expected availability information at the record level and for individual links in the Virtual Language Observatory (VLO).

The link checker has been designed and configured to operate in such a way that it should not cause signifcant strain on the servers to which it is sending requests. However in certain cases it may be the case that the link checker is making requests to a specific location or set of locations at a rate that is higher than desirable. If you observe or suspect such behaviour, please inform the maintainers of the link checker so that measures can be put in place to prevent this from happening (see the 'Contact' section below).

Technical details

The curation module presents itself with the following user agent string:

CLARIN Linkchecker:


If you have questions or remarks about the CLARIN link checker, please contact its maintainers via the e-mail address

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