CLARIN Impact Stories

CLARIN Impact Stories

In this series we showcase high-quality and innovative research that uses CLARIN tools and resources. These impact stories illustrate the huge variety of disciplines that use the CLARIN infrastructure, highlight the excellent research linked to it, and demonstrate the wider impact that CLARIN and the social sciences and humanities have on broader societal issues. 

Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon DHH21

The Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon DHH21: ‘Parliamentary Debates in COVID Times’ uses the ParlaMint 2.1 dataset to compare how the different national parliaments of Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the UK responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in their debates.
SNE plot with perplexity 20 and exaggeration

Stories in Motion: Oral History as Sustainable Data in Urban Settings

The project ‘Stories in Motion: Oral History as Sustainable Data in Urban Settings’ is developing a model for collecting, archiving and (re)using oral histories. In this way, the project substantially extends the potential impact of these valuable collections within research, education, and the community more widely.
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