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CLARIN in EU projects

CLARIN has received funding from the European Commission during its preparatory phase (roughly, 2008–2010) according to the ESFRI Roadmap for two years.

The ongoing construction phase (2011-2015) has different timelines for different countries — some consortia start now as they joint CLARIN, others have been participating for several years. The funding generally comes from the respective countries.

Since 2015, CLARIN ERIC also is receiving funding from the European Commission to participate as partner in European projects addressing topics related to research infrastructures, mostly in the Horizon 2020 programme.

The table below gives a general overview of EC projects with CLARIN participation.

Please click on the Acronym or Topic to jump to the information iin fact sheet-style about the projects and CLARIN's participation.

Acronym Topic (with link to factsheet) Leading Partner Duration # PMs for CLARIN


Enhancing CLARIN's technical hub, office, partnerships, outreach, and governance

CLARIN ERIC 2015-09–2017-12 103


Preserve, find, access, and process research data in a trusted environment, as part of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI)

CSC 2015-03–2018-02 58


Develop Europeana as a Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI-3)

Europeana Foundation




A thematic cluster around European Research Infrastructures in the HSS PIN 2015-05–2019-04 128


Please see this page for CLARIN's participation in concluded EU projects.