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CLARIN Consultation Session @ CLARIN2020

About the CLARIN Consultation Session

The CLARIN Consultation Session, which is open to all conference participants, is an informal opportunity, especially intended for early career researchers and cross-disciplinary researchers to discuss their work with CLARIN experts one-on-one or in small groups. Before the conference, participants who wish to take part in the consultation session are invited to submit a short application which summarizes their work and highlights question(s) they would like to discuss with a CLARIN expert.

Format of the Consultation Session

Based on the application content, the conference organisers will identify a suitable CLARIN expert. The consultation itself will be supported by CLARIN Office, and organised within the time frame between 5 till 23 October 2020 in a virtual meeting format. We envisage that the consultation sessions will last at least between 20-30 minutes each.

Who can apply

 This session is open to early career researchers whose work could benefit from a consultation with a CLARIN expert on a set of specific questions. 


Please indicate your interest in the session using this link.

The deadline for application is 21 September.