CLARIN community logos

CLARIN and the CLARIN logo are used by partners, CLARIN members, and researchers working with CLARIN to easily refer to CLARIN. The preferred format is the colour version, either in portrait or landscape orientation. In contexts in which the meaning of CLARIN should be explained, the versions with CLARIN being spelled out may be used. The black and white and grayscale versions are provided for specific contexts where colour may not be usable, such as printing on paper with a monochrome printer.

Colour schema Spelled out CLARIN Orientation PNG EPS PDF Preview PNG
Colour yes portrait Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN-sub.png Logo-eps-compact-CLARIN-sub.eps Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN-sub.pdf
Colour no portrait Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN.png Logo-eps-compact-CLARIN.eps Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN.pdf
Colour yes landscape Logo-trans-long-CLARIN-sub2.png Logo-eps-long-CLARIN-sub.eps Logo-trans-long-CLARIN-sub2.pdf
Black and white yes portrait Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN-sub-b&w.png   Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN-sub-b&w.pdf
Black and white no portrait Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN-b&w.png   Logo-trans-compact-CLARIN-b&w.pdf
Black and white no landscape Logo-trans-long-CLARIN-b&w.png   Logo-trans-long-CLARIN-b&w.pdf
Black and white yes landscape Logo-trans-long-sub2-CLARIN-b&w.png   Logo-trans-long-sub2-CLARIN-b&w.pdf
Colour no landscape clarin-contribution-logo-transp.png clarin-contribution-logo-transp.eps clarin-contribution-logo-transp.pdf
Colour no landscape


clarin-contribution-logo-white-background.eps clarin-contribution-logo-white-background.pdf