CLARIN in the Classroom @ CLARIN2020

About CLARIN in the Classroom

CLARIN in the Classroom is a new initiative open to university lecturers who have used CLARIN resources, tools or services in their courses. They are invited to present their experience and suggest future steps that can help facilitate and accelerate the further integration of CLARIN into university curricula. Lecturers are invited to submit a 500-word abstract (to be published on the conference website) summarizing their experience in using a CLARIN resource, tool or service in their teaching. In principle we aim to accept all abstracts that describe a clear case of the use of CLARIN in academic classrooms

During the conference lecturers can present and discuss their work. After the conference, lecturers may submit a full paper to be reviewed for the post-conference proceedings.

Format of the Session

The exact details of the virtual format for this conference programme element will be announced closer to the event.

Who can submit

University lecturers who have used CLARIN resources, tools or services in their courses. 


Please submit your abstract here. The submission deadline is 21 September (extended).

Remember to register for the conference to receive all the practical details of the overall event organisation.

Participants interested to attend the session as the audience will be welcome to attend but do not need to fill out this form which is intended to collect abstract from the presenters.