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CLARIN B-Centre Assessment

​​​​​​There are strict criteria to become a CLARIN B-centre: it should be based on a stable technical and institutional foundation. The necessary requirements are checked during an assessment procedure by the Assessment Committee. The technical coordination among the centres takes place in the Centre Committee.

Assessment Procedure

  • The centre candidate ensures that:
    • It has an up-to-date entry in the centre registry
    • It has filled in the B centre checklist
    • It has concluded or at least initiated the CoreTrustSeal procedure. The Core Trust Seal assessment is a compulsory part of the CLARIN B-centre certification
    • It has a written declaration of centre compliancy by the National Coordinator or the Centre Committee delegate of its CLARIN consortium (example template). Please note that a written declaration of centre compliancy is not applicable for renewals
  • Then the centre candidate sends a mail to assessment [at] (assessment[at]clarin[dot]eu) (the chair and vice-chair of the centre committee) requesting to be assessed, with the necessary documents attached
  • The centre committee will then communicate the foreseen period of assessment, after consultation with the assessment committee
  • If necessary, the assessment committee interacts with the centre candidate in case of questions
  • When the assessment has been finalised, the centre committee will communicate the outcome to the centre candidate (with a copy to the representative)
  • At the end of the procedure the results will be published publicly on the CLARIN ERIC website. The certified centre can add an official logo to its site, indicating that it is officially recognised. The certification is valid for three years, synchronised with the CoreTrustSeal certificate. The validity period can be found in the centre registry and in the certificate PDF file.

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