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The Steven Krauwer Awards, named in honour of Steven Krauwer (first executive director of CLARIN ERIC), are given annually to outstanding scientists or engineers in recognition of major contributions toward CLARIN goals in the areas of language resource building, tool or service development, exemplary use cases, user involvement or knowledge sharing.  Read more.

Overview of winners

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2018 winners:

The 2018 Steven Krauwer Award for CLARIN Achievements was awarded to Daan Broeder (Meertens Institute, KNAW)). Daan brought his rich knowledge and expertise into CLARIN from the very start. He was involved in a range of national and international projects and activities that are highly relevant to CLARIN, both on a technical and non-technical level. 

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The 2018 Steven Krauwer Award for CLARIN Achievements was awarded to  Pavel Straňák (Charles University). Pavel has been working actively at CLARIN in Czech Republic and CLARIN ERIC and is one of the most active people in the CLARIN community. He is specialized in the area of mathematical linguistics and has brought prominent contributions to CLARIN both locally and internationally. 

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2017 winner:

The 2017 Steven Krauwer Award for CLARIN Achievements was awarded to Paul Meurer (Uni Research Computing, Norway). Paul is both an accomplished researcher in computational linguistics and an innovative designer and programmer of online systems. In his work for CLARINO, he has developed a whole range of advanced tools and resources which are useful for the entire CLARIN community and beyond, an impressive accomplishment for one person. Read more


2016 winner:

The 2016 Steven Krauwer Award for Young Scientists was awarded to Liesbeth Augustinus (KU Leuven) for her outstanding work on making example-based treebank search in multiple languages available to linguists and other humanities scholars, for promoting this approach and training intended users, and for applying the relevant applications in her own research. Read more


2015 winner:

The 2015 CLARIN Young Scientist Award was awarded to Maarten van Gompel of the Radboud University Nijmegen for his groundbreaking work on FoLiA and CLAM. The award ceremony took place at the annual CLARIN Conference, held this year in Wrocław, Poland. Read more


2014 winner:

The 2014 CLARIN Young Scientist Award was awarded to Matej Ďurčo, (Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities), for his achievements in the build-up of CLARIN. Since 2009, he has been part of the Austrian research infrastructures core group, contributing substantially to the development of key technical components such as the Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI), the Federated Content Search (FCS) and the Vocabulary Repository, both at the local and the European levels.