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We ask that you first get acquainted with the CLARIN FAQ, and with the information available on the webpages of the national CLARIN Consortia that may be relevant for you. You may also find information on the page on how to use CLARIN.

If these sources do not provide an answer to your question on digital language data and tools, you can consult CLARIN directly by writing to If the Central Office cannot answer your question right away, we will forward it to one or several CLARIN centres where people may be able to provide the needed information. You can also get in direct contact with a CLARIN Knowledge Centre if your question concerns one of the areas of their expertise.

We aim at answering questions within two working days, but if the question has to be forwarded, it can take longer.  Please bear with us, and do not hesitate to send a reminder should you for some reason not receive an answer within a week.