CLARIN in a Nutshell

CLARIN - or Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure - is a digital infrastructure which provides easy and sustainable access to a broad range of language data and tools to support research in the humanities and social sciences, and beyond. CLARIN provides access to multimodal digital language data (text, audio, video) and advanced tools with which to explore, analyse or combine these datasets. 

CLARIN is a distributed digital infrastructure, with participating centres all over Europe and further afield, which include universities, research centres, libraries and public archives. Tools and data from different centres are interoperable so that data collections can be combined and tools from different sources can be chained to perform operations at different levels of complexity, regardless of their location. 

Members can access all tools and resources with a , and many of the resources are also open access for other interested communities of use, both within and outside of academia.

The CLARIN infrastructure is fully operational in many countries, and a large number of participating centres are offering access services to data and tools, as well as expertise and knowledge. CLARIN continues to grow, and its datasets and services are constantly updated and improved. On the services page we show the services accessible at this moment and explain how they can be accessed.


CLARIN and Open Science 

The Open Science agenda and and the FAIR data principles lie at the heart of CLARIN’s values. The interoperability of data and services across the CLARIN community has enabled large-scale data sharing and growing reuse of language resources. In addition, interoperability has also proven crucial for the increased support of multidisciplinary collaboration and comparative research agendas. It is CLARIN’s ambition to consolidate its role in supporting the emerging research agendas for the SSH domain and to contribute to the innovation potential of the advanced models for interaction between people, data, and tools for data processing.

The vision of borderless and seamless interoperability between data and services is further realised through CLARIN’s alignment with emerging cloud platforms such as the European Open Science Cloud ( ) and the SSH Open Marketplace.

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