Talk of Europe Creative Camp
CLARIN has some very diverse communities of current and potential users. How should we identify them, and how should we prioritize them in our outreach activities?
CLARIN Services snapshot

Looking for language data and tools?

CLARIN offers a number of ways for you to find and use a variety of software applications for language processing and sets of linguistic data.

CLARIN-PL Workshop for humanities and social sciences
It is a busy spring for CLARIN in Poland! CLARIN-PL has launched a series of intensive workshops, tailored to the needs of researchers in the humanities and social sciences, and of translators.
Artistic summary of the day's discussions

I am very happy to take up this month the position of CLARIN ERIC Director for User Involvement. I already know a lot of people in the CLARIN family from my earlier involvement on the executive committee of the CLARIN preparatory phase project, and from many years of working with lots of researchers across Europe on numerous projects.