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A guest blog post by Adrien Barbaresi, Research Associate at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Academy Corpora) and Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (Zentrum Sprache).


A guest blog post by Ana Slavec and Jakob Lenardič from the fifth ReLDI seminar “Empirical data in linguistics” organised by the national project JANES in cooperation with the Slovene consortium CLARIN.SI


CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on User Involvement by FIN-CLARIN
A blogpost by Tero Aalto 


The CLARIN-PLUS Workshop “Creation and Use of Social Media Resources“, hosted by CLARIN-LT in early June was the fourth and final workshop in a series of user-involvement workshops within the CLARIN-PLUS project.


CLARIN-PLUS Workshop "Working with Parliamentary Records" was the third in a series of four as part of the CLARIN-PLUS project.