The following interview is about ARCHE, the Austrian B-centre that is run by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage.


The CLARIN B-centre ARCHE (A Resource Centre for the Humanities) is central to ACDH-CH’s mission of fostering the change towards the digital paradigm in the humanities.


Dr Beate Eder Jordan is a literary scholar focusing on minority and Roma literature¬†at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. She has¬†succesfully¬†collaborated¬†with the¬†Phonogrammarchiv Knowledge Centre in the RomArchive (2015‚Äď2019) project.


The Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is a research archive which houses large collections of sound and video recordings from all across the world.  The Phonogrammarchiv became a CLARIN Knowledge Centre in 2015 and is part of the Austrian CLARIN group within the CLARIAH-AT Consortium


Meet Dr Stephan Procházka, a linguist working at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Vienna.


The Tool Galleries are user involvement events organized three times a year by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH).


The Austrian Baroque Corpus (ABaC:us) is a digital collection of printed texts from the Baroque era, with the bulk of the data from the period between 1650 and 1750.



Find out more about the VLE - a powerful and adaptable tool that provides a flexible environment for navigating through and working with complexly-annotated dictionary entries.


Find out more about the Austrian CLARIN group, which has been a founding member of CLARIN  .