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CSMTiser, available on the CLARIN.SI GitHub site, is a supervised machine learning tool that performs word normalization by using Character-level Statistical Machine Translation. The tool is a wrapper around the well known Moses SMT package, which enables non-computer-scientists to train and run a text normalizer by editing the configuration file, running a script for training the normalizer, and then another one for applying it


In 2015, researchers from the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia released the first emoji sentiment lexicon, called Emoji Sentiment Ranking 1.0, and published it as a resource in the public language resource repository CLARIN.SI. With 78,500 downloads to date, the lexicon is the most downloaded resource in the CLARIN.SI repository.


CLARIN.SI joined CLARIN ERIC in 2015 and is a B-certified centre which offers a LINDAT/D-Space repository that currently contains around 110 language resources for Slovenian as well as for other languages, especially Croatian and Serbian.