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What is happening at....CLARIN Lithuania

At the end of December 2015 CLARIN-LT has celebrated their first anniversary of Lithuania joining CLARIN ERIC. To commemorate this event a seminar took place at the Vytautas Magnus University to overview the activities and achievements of CLARIN-LT consortium after Lithuania’s one year of membership in CLARIC ERIC. The event was opened by the national coordinator of Lithuania R. Petrauskaitė, and greeted by a special guest from the Netherlands J. Kuper (Twente university). The presentations have been delivered by A. Utka (Overview of CLARIN-LT activities), T. Krilavičius (CLARIN Centres), L. Boizou (Lithuanian TreeBank), D. Vitkutė-Adžguaskienė (LitWordNet), M. Kiškis (legal issues), V. Rudžionis (Speech Recognition Service of Lithuanian Place names).View the press release

CLARIN-LT also launched their website At the end of January 2016 this will be the portal where users can access the repository and will be able to deposit and download language resources and language processing tools. View the public release.