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CLARIN Services in the European Open Science Cloud

Submitted by Dieter Van Uytvanck on

These days, there is a lot of European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in the air. There are symposia, projects related to (EOSC-hubSSHOC, and EOSC Future to name a few), the EOSC Association and funding calls aimed at the enabling an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem.   

Want to know what EOSC is really about and how you can use it?
Watch the video demonstration below of how readily available CLARIN services and data sets both from the various CLARIN centres and other providers have been integrated into EOSC and are just a click away.  These domain-specific (or thematic) services can be applied to the thousands of digitised language resources that are accessible online.  The CLARIN infrastructure helps to discover and process the language data. In this model of service federation, all CLARIN centres are working together on the European Open Science Cloud!
Want your resource to become visible in the EOSC Portal?
By depositing your resource in one of the CLARIN repositories, it will be harvested by CLARIN and become visible in the CLARIN discovery service VLO. As the has been registered (onboarded) in the EOSC catalogue your resources will also be discoverable for anybody accessing the EOSC Portal.

References & Do it yourself

All material used in this video is easily accessible via a Virtual Collection (in the FAIR spirit of EOSC!). The links to the input files make it even easier to invoke the Language Resource Switchboard yourself.

Did you know that …