Centre news vol. 60 - October 2023

Submitted by Dieter Van Uytvanck on 8 October 2023

CLARIN technical open hour, Monday 9 October at 11:00 CEST

Here it is: the second edition of the CLARIN technology open hour. You can join virtually and ask our developers and infrastructure specialists anything. Anyone is welcome to join!

There will be more open hours on 13 November and 11 December.

Deadline Centre Assessment Round approaching

The deadline for the upcoming B-centre assessment round is 31 October 2023.

If you would like to participate in this 22nd round, please make sure to use:

As usual, the fee for the CoreTrustSeal will be paid by CLARIN for (candidate) B-centres. The board has announced a fee increase from 1000 to 3000 EUR as of February 2024. For now this has no influence on the CLARIN centre assessments, but of course this will be discussed at the upcoming centre committee meeting in Leuven. 

LREC-COLING 2024 template

The author's kit for LREC-COLING 2024 now includes the CLARIN-inspired additions to the LaTeX template that allow for the citation of language resources by means of a Persistent Identifier.

If you already started authoring a paper based on the CLARIN fork of the stylesheet you can keep using this. If you have not started yet, or are encountering issues, we recommend using the official LREC template since it includes many bug fixes.

News from the Centres


CLARIN-EL is hosting an INCEpTION instance that is connected to the CLARIN – meaning it can be accessed from any CLARIN member/observer country. Just login, click Use Resource and then Access (at the bottom of the page).

New software releases

DOG alpha version released

The Digital Object Gateway (DOG) has been released as an alpha version. The web application now provides a very basic graphical interface to the core functionality. It can also be used with a python interface or as a web service.

Centre Registry v3

Version 3 of the Centre Registry is now available. While the front-end for now remains the same, the back-end has been migrated to Django 4, paving the way for more advanced updates in the near future.

HTTP error pages for clarin.eu subdomains

HTTP error pages for clarin.eu subdomains (including the website) are now making use of a standard template, which allows to report the specific problem more easily. You can see it in action at this example of a missing page.