Centre news vol. 50 - October 2020

Submitted by Dieter Van Uytvanck on 15 October 2020

B-centre assessment round 16

Monday 16 November 2020 will be the last day for submissions to the upcoming B-centre assessment round. The next round is planned for spring 2021.

Shibboleth SP security fix

All Shibboleth Service Providers (< version 3) are strongly recommended to address an open redirect vulnerability by adding the redirectLimit="exact" attribute-value pair to the Sessions element in the shibboleth2.xml config file, as explained here. Thanks to Martin Wynne for bringing this to our attention!

New C-centre

ORTOLANG has now been officially registered as C-centre. It's metadata records can be found in the VLO.

New FCS endpoints

The French ORTOLANG and Cocoon centre and the Portuguese PORTULAN centre have recently added an endpoint to the Federated Content Search. You can now search within the content of their resources through the Content Search Engine.

Website migration

Between 26 and 30 October the CLARIN website will be migrated from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. To perform this quite large migration, the website will be in read-only mode during this period, so no new content will appear. The layout will remain the same for now – changes are planned for later this year.

Virtual Collection Registry update

Version 1.4.1 of the Virtual Collection Registry was deployed today, see the changelog for more details.

Link Checker request

The Link Checker is to be enhanced with better recognition of login pages, to return a more correct status code (restricted access) for login pages that return an HTTP 200 status code.

If you wish to add your login page URL, just do a pull request with an edit on the list.txt file, adding your login page URL (or discovery service) as a new line. Thanks for your support!

Read more about the Curation Module and the Link Checker in the FAQ.