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Centre news vol. 45 - October 2019

New B-centre checklist

The newest version of the B-centre checklist has been published in early October. For the future B-centre assessments, the use of this new version will be required. All details about the assessment procedure can be found here.

The deadline for the upcoming round will be 22 May 2020.

New C centre: ZIM Centre for Information Modelling

The Austrian ZIM Centre for Information Modelling is now registered as an official CLARIN C-centre. The corresponding metadata can be found in the Virtual Language Observatory.

Removal of Attribute Authorities

On 28 October we will remove all (about 1214) Attribute Authorities from the CLARIN Service Provider Federation SAML metadata. These Attribute Authorities are currently bundled as part of entities which also contain Identity Providers, sharing the same entityID.

After checking with the AAI taskforce we could not identify any CLARIN Service Provider that relies on these Attribute Authorities. To decrease the size of the SAML metadata and to be more explicit about which entities are trusted, we are now removing the Attribute Authorities.

We do not anticipate any effects. If, nevertheless, you encounter problems when using federated login as of Monday, please contact

Maintenance announcements

Activity/Issue Start date and time (CEST) End (CEST) Impact

Server reboot

2019-10-25 10:30

2019-10-25 10:45

the Virtual Collection Registry will be briefly unavailable during the reboot.

Hosting provider maintenance

2019-10-29 23:00

2019-10-30 09:00

Intermittent VLO and OAI Harvest Viewer unavailability.


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