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Tour de CLARIN

“Tour de CLARIN” is a new CLARIN ERIC initiative that aims to periodically highlight prominent User Involvement (UI) activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. The highlights include an interview with one or more prominent researchers who are using the work of national consortium’s infrastructure and can tell us more about their experience with CLARIN in general; one or more use cases that the consortium is particularly proud of and any relevant user involvement activities carried out. “Tour de CLARIN“ helps to increase the visibility of the national consortia, reveal the richness of the CLARIN landscape, and to display the full range of activities throughout the network. The content is disseminated via the CLARIN Newsflashblog posts and linked to on our social media: Twitter and Facebook.


Tour de CLARIN, volume I. Edited by Darja Fišer and Jakob Lenardič. November 2018.


Austria | Czech Republic | DLU/Flanders | Finland | Greece | Lithuania | Poland | Sweden | The Netherlands 




Tour de CLARIN: Hungary | August & September 2019

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Hungary

Tool | e-magyar: a comprehensive processing chain for Hungarian

Resource | The Multimodal HuComTech Corpus

Event | The HUN-CLARIN Roadshows

Interview | Noémi Vadász


Tour de CLARIN: Slovenia | June & July 2019

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Slovenia

Tool | CLARIN.SI presents CSMTiser

Resource | CLARIN.SI presents Emoji Sentiment Ranking 1.0

Event | CLARIN.SI presents Janes Express

Interview | Interview with Kaja Dobrovoljc


Tour de CLARIN: Denmark | April & May 2019

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Denmark

Tool | CLARIN-DK presents the CST lemmatizer

Resource | CLARIN-DK presents the Grundtvig's Work Corpus

Event | Teaching the Teachers - an interactive workshop for the Voyant Tools

Interview | Interview with Klaus Nielsen


Tour de CLARIN: Italy | February & March 2019

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Italy

Tool | CLARIN-IT presents LexO: Where Lexicography Meets the Semantic Web

Resource | CLARIN-IT presents MERLIN - A Written Learner Corpus for Czech, German, and Italian

Event | CLARIN-IT presents their Roadshow Seminars

Interview | Interview with Beatrice Nava


Tour de CLARIN: Latvia |  December 2018 & January 2019

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Latvia

Tool | CLARIN Latvia presents NLP-pipe

Resource | CLARIN Latvia presents Latvian FrameNet

Event | CLARIN Latvia presents the Tools and Resources for Digital Humanities Research seminar

Interview | Interview with Sanita Reinsone


Tour de CLARIN: Estonia | October & November 2018

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Estonia

Tool | CLARIN Estonia introduces EstNLTK

Resource | CLARIN Estonia presents the Place Names Database (KNAB)

Event | CLARIN Estonia presents the workshops at the Estonian Digital Humanities Conference 2017

Interview | Interview with Marin Laak


Tour de CLARIN: Lithuania |  August & September 2018

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Lithuania

Tool | CLARIN-LT introduces Colloc

Resource | CLARIN-LT presents a Lithuanian Dependency Treebank

Event | CLARIN-LT presents the annual seminars

Interview | Interview with Erika Rimkutė


Tour de CLARIN: Greece |  June & July 2018

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Greece

Tool | Tour de CLARIN: Clarin:el introduces GrNE-Tagger

Resource | Clarin:el presents the Hellenic Parliament Sittings and Hellenic Parliamentary Corpus H-ParCo

Event | Clarin:el event "Language data and technologies in social and political sciences"

Interview | Interview with Vassiliki Georgiadou


Tour de CLARIN: Czech Republic |  April & May 2018

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Czech Republic

Tool | CLARIN LINDAT introduces UDPipe

Resource | The Czech CLARIN consortium presents Universal Dependencies (UD)

Event | DARIAH-CZ Workshop on Digital Humanities 2018

Interview | Interview with Dr Radim Hladík


Tour de CLARIN: DLU/Flanders  |  February & March 2018

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: DLU/Flanders

Tool | Text2Picto and Picto2Text

Event | Workshops for introducing digital humanities researchers to the CLARIN services and resources

Resource | ​Corpus of Contemporary Dutch

Interview | Interview with Cora Pots


Tour de CLARIN: POLAND  |  December 2017 & January 2018

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Poland

Tool | WebSty, an open web-based system for stylometric analysis

Event | “CLARIN-PL in research practice”: A lecture and workshop series

Resource | ​plWordNet

Interview | Interview with Dr Maciej Maryl


Tour de CLARIN: THE NETHERLANDS  |  October & November 2017

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: The Netherlands


Event | CLARIAH-NL Workshops on Linked Data

Resource | ​The SoNaR reference corpus of Dutch

Interview | Interview with Melvin Wevers


Tour de CLARIN: AUSTRIA  |  August & September 2017

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Austria

Tool | 'Viennese Lexicographic Editor'

Event | The ACDH Tool Gallery

Resource | ​ABaC:us Corpus

Interview | Interview with Dr Stephan Procházka


Tour de CLARIN: SWEDEN  |  June & July 2017

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Sweden

Tool | Korp

Event | Tutorial and workshop on automatic sentence selection from corpora

Resource | ​The Riksdag's open data

Interview | Interview with Maria Ågren


Tour de CLARIN: FINLAND  |  April & May 2017

Introduction | Tour de CLARIN: Finland

Tool | AaltoASR

Event | The Language Bank of Finland's Roadshows

Resource | Suomi24

Interview | Interview with Tommi Jantunen

The Czech CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Corpus Linguistics | July and August 2019

Introduction | The Czech CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Corpus Linguistics

Interview | Interview with Ondřej Tichý


The TalkBank Knowledge Centre | May & June 2019

Introduction | The TalkBank Knowledge Centre

Interview | Interview with Nan Bernstein Ratner


CLARIN Knowledge Centre for the Languages of Sweden | March & April 2019

Introduction | CLARIN Knowledge Centre for the Languages of Sweden

Interview | Interview with Susanne Nylund Skog


CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Treebanking | January & February 2019

Introduction | CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Treebanking

Interview | Interview with Helge Dyvik